H Series
H Series

Minimum ratio: 1.23/single stage
Maximum ratio: 282.10/triple stage
HP Range: 1/6 - 200HP (@ 1750RPM)
NEMA C-face: 56C-360TC
Sizes: 8 sizes, 22 versions, 30-140mm
% efficiency: single stage up to 98%, two stage up to 96%, three stage up to 94%

Taper Roller Bearing output support on all models improves overhung load ratings and shock-load capacity.

In-line reducers sizes 030-050 are sealed and maintenance-free. No breathers are required, making them ready as standard for sanitary applications. All SmartBox PH and IH series reducers are approved for the baking industry by BISSC.

SmartBox H series housings have wide bearing support seats. The wider supports mean better load and shock handling and less stress on the reducer housing. The reducer feet, typically the focal point for torsion and other stresses, are relieved of some strain. By easing the stress on the reducer housing, reducer failure due to overhung load is eliminated.