Motor Control Centers

Motor Control Centers

You need all the parts of your operation working together at maximum efficiency in order to compete in a global economy. Your motor control is part of this operation. Rockwell Automation IEC Motor Control Centers (MCC) feature intelligent motor controls in a versatile enclosure that help you compete and win in a world economy and the safety features included also help you meet your safety goals.

You can save installation and integration time, reduce downtime, increase efficiency and improve process control with intelligent motor controls from Rockwell Automation. CENTERLINE MCCs feature the following motor controls:

  • Across-the-line starters with E3 solid-state overload relays
  • SMC® 3 and SMC® Flex soft starters
  • PowerFlex® variable frequency AC Drives

What sets these intelligent motor controls apart from traditional motor controls is their ability to capture important performance information about your motors and deliver this information via built-in networking to where it is most valuable.

Rockwell Automation offers the following IEC MCC: